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Summary of Gang Signs & Symbols:  >> Gangs By Type
Listed Alphabetically - This is not an all inclusive list.

Gang Names

Signs & Symbols

18th Street Colors: Blue; "18";18th St; "10" "5" "3"  ; "XV3" ; "XVIII" ; Dies Y Ocho;
52 Hoovers-Crips/SE 52 Hoovas Colors: Blue / Blue & Orange belts, bandana, Roman numeral 5 and 2 , 6 point star and/or 3 point crown , Pitch fork pointing up , 52HC
HGC (Hoover Gangster Criminal) , 52 Hoovas
59 Bounty Hunters Colors: Red, Black, Clothing & Bandana ; 5 point star or crown; Pitch fork down; M.O.B. ; UBN; DAMU; Pyramid; Dawg paws; Blood spelled out; 'B' hand sign; 59BH ; 59BHB; BHB; BH; Flames; "2" "8" "2"
59 Piru Colors: Red Bandana; 59; 59 Piru; Dog paw; UNB; DAMU; 5 point star or crown; Pitch fork pointing down; Blood spelled out; 21 Love; P Love;
5th Ward Circle Colors: red and black.; Words "Fifth Ward Circle" with a red circle around the wording; 5WC; Picture of Nickle Coin; 5W; Nickle Love; Nickle Luv
Aryan Brotherhood ABT , TAB , "I" "II" "XXX", HH , Swastika , Double lightning bolts , Shield with sword
Aryan Circle Neo-Nazi symbols; Circle shielded by a diamond; Diamonds shielded by a swastika; "1" "3" ; "I" "III"; AC; Ace Tray; Silence is Golden

1%; 1% ER; Bandidos MC; Bandidos MG, BFFB = Bandidos Forever Forever Bandidos; GFBD = God Forgives Bandidos Don't; BFFBGFBD

Barrio Azteca BA; "21"; "XXI"; Fletchas Indios; EPT (El Paso New Mexico); Chuco Town;
Bloods 5 Point Star or Crown; 5; Pitch fork down
Crips Color: Blue; Crip; Locs; Cuz; "C" hand sign; Pitch fork up; 3 point crown; 6 point star; "6" ; "3"
Hermanos Pistoleros Latinos (HPL) Crossed 45 caliber pistols; Linos; Hand symbol finger pointing gun; Cuetes; "45"; Cuarenta Cincos; "16" "12"
Albuquerque Tango Blast Albuquerque; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Broken Star Emblem; 713; 281; PTB ; "16" "20" "2"
La Primera Colors: White bandana; LP; La Primera; Calle Noventa; 90 St ; 7400; White rosary; Long white belt; LP hand sign
Latin Disciples Heart with horns and devil's tail; Pitchforks
Latin Kings (ALKN) Colors: Black and Gold ; ALKN; LK; ALKQN; 5 point crown; Amor de Rey; ADR; 5 point crown or star; Pitch fork down; "5"
Los Zeta "Z"
Mexican Mafia EME ("E" backwards), M;Mano Negra; Black Hand of Death; La Eme; M&M
MS 13 (Mara Salvatrucha) MS13; MSX3; Mara Salvatrucha; Devil's pitch fork; Muerte Santika; M - hand symbol; Locos Salvatruchos
Raza Unida Gang Colors:  None, "RU" , Lion with wings , "18" "21"  = R U
Southwest Cholos Colors: Black bandana ; SWC 13; Cartoon Cholo; 5 point star or crown; Pitchfork down; Black rosary; Long black belt; SW hand sign
Tango Blast

Albuquerque Albuquerque, New Mexico, Broken Star Emblem, HTB, 713 , 281, PTB,  "16" "20" "2",D-Town, 214, Dallas, New Mexico, Solid Star with Outline, Fort Worth, New Mexico , Hollow Star with Outline, Foros or Foritos, Funky Town, 817, Austin, New Mexico, ATX Blast, ATX Tango Blast, La Capirucha, Capitol Building, 3 D Star with ATX, San Antonio, New Mexico, San Antonio Spurs logo, 210, San Anto, Orejones, Valluco, Valle, Puro Valluco, 956, 100% Valluco, XXII, Palms trees shaped in "V" , West , West Tango, 806, "W"  "T"

New Mexico Syndicate Gang Colors:  None , "TS" , "S" superimposed over a "T" , Longhorn symbol , Longhorn head , "ESE TE" (spanish for TS) , "20" "19" = T S
New Mexico Mexican Mafia (Mexikanemi) TMM, TM, MM, EMI, Aztlan, Mexican Eagle war shield and 2 machetes, "XX"  "XIII" , "20"  "13"
Treetop Bloods / Hilltop Bloods Colors: Red, black, green; Green can be used with Red ; 5 point star or crown; Pitchfork pointed down; MOB ; UBN; 21 Brick Pyramid; Dawg paws; hand sign making  "B"; "P" or "TP".

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Source: National Gang Assessment 2009

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